My husband Jason and I met in the Seattle area in 2010. Shortly after meeting I moved to Georgetown, TX to pursue my career as a professional horse rider and instructor. 

I moved back to Seattle in 2011, went to culinary school at Le Cordon Bleu in Seattle and graduated with honors.

In 2018 Jason and I came to Austin to visit friends, we saw a lack of drive thru coffee stands, which are EVERYWHERE in the PNW,  so we decided to try something different and open a stand. We wanted the south to have something we hold near and dear to us, a friendly, familiar face, with your favorite caffeinated beverage, owned by small town folks, just like you.

We sold everything, he kept a few cars, I kept a few horses, and we gave up our comfortable life on the farm to begin a whole new adventure.

We left family and friends behind, both of us determined to work for ourselves, bettering our lives, and enriching those around us, by sharing something of the Pacific North West culture with our wonderfully welcoming friends of the South.

We our on our first chapter of this adventure, and I cannot wait to see how our story unfolds.

Frequently Asked Questions with Answers.

Q:"Where are your beans from?"

A: We searched high and low, we tried coffee after coffee to try and get it all right. Currently our espresso and our drip coffee come from Texas Coffee Traders in Austin Texas.

Our cold brew comes from Independence Coffee Company out of Brenham TX.

Q: "Do you have alternative milks?"

A: Yep! We currently have oat and soy.

Q: "What's your favorite drink?"

A: Jason and I are just plain Janes. Give us a Breve Latte or a Cold Brew and we are golden. If I'm craving something sweet I want a Café De Olla, or a Mocha Picosa (yes on the dusting of cayenne). 

Q: "Do you have anything other than coffee?"

A: Heck yes! We offer all kinds of tasty drinks, from flavored teas and lemonades, to smoothies, Italian sodas, Redbull Refreshers, caramel apple ciders...and I can keep going. :) Check out our menu to see all our options.

Q: "How long did it take you to put this whole outfit together?"

A: Almost exactly a year from start to finish.

Q: How did you come up with the name Burgundy Star?

A: It's the name of my favorite type of Petunia, they came out last year, and it just fit.

Q: "What kind of cars does Jason have?" 

A: Right now just a '64 GTO and a '78 Shovelhead, he sold his pride and joy '66 Bonneville to help us build

our dream.

Q: "What kind of horses do you have?"

A: I have a 29 year old Dutch Warmblood mare named Bijou, whom is the light in my life and two American Saddlebreds, Sophie and Xelke.

We also have four wonderfully spoiled dogs, Pickles, Basil, Dash and Marley, and three sassy cats, Jinxy, Lois and Muchi.